Tactical Urbanism, Complete Streets, & citizen Engagement

Project 1



As an employee of the City of Orem I managed a tactical urbanism project which involved both resident and local government stakeholders. This was the best attended tactical urbanism project I have been involved in with hundreds of participants who learned about and engaged with the project.



In July of 2017, using tactical urbanism methods, we worked with local residents, non-profits, county and municipal employees to create a prototype of a more "complete street" based on the goals and needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. Click here for more information.



Street safety had become a major issue for the residents of Provo, Utah after a number of people had been injured and even killed while walking and cycling. We needed to consider how we could better design a community that integrated the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, and automobile drivers.Working with municipal departments and a coalition of community organizations and activists, we organized an event to prototype a complete street at the scale of three city blocks over the course of a weekend. We approached the event with the idea that it would be an experiment in service design with multiple levels of co-creation. Initially we worked with city employees to design the experiment, but then allowed members of the community to also engage in the co-creation process by engaging with the prototypes and providing feedback on their experiences. I created a report on the event that was used to leverage further tactical urbanism efforts in the community. Provo’s City Council has since approved funding to permanently install successful prototypes from the experiment.